Nutrition Consultations & Programs

I help women lose weight, reduce fatigue, and eliminate bloat by focusing on balancing hormones and rebuilding the gut.  

You and I will work through small changes to your current lifestyle that have a larger impact on your health.

These programs are tailored to your individual needs to ensure long-term success in achieving optimal health for you!

20-Minute Strategy Session

A 20-minute FREE nutrition strategy session to discuss your vision for your health, your obstacles, and how to get you back on track and feeling your best! Price: FREE

To kick start your healthy lifestyle, you'll start with an initial consultation.  This is a 1-2 hour session where we'll take a deep-dive together into your health history and develop a roadmap to get you get you to your health goals.  Click below to book your initial consultation.  Price: $175

Initial Nutrition Consultation
Sprout Nutrition Program

Follow-up sessions are discussed at the conclusion of the initial consultation. If you have a  chronic illness or want to lose weight, you can expect to follow-up every 2 weeks for 6 months or more. If you want to make general health improvements, you can expect to follow-up every 2 weeks for at least 3 months.  Price: Varies based on length of care

Payment & Insurance

Payment: I accept all major credit cards and checks. Payment is required following the consultation. I also accept FSA (Flex Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account) cards. Please note it's your responsibility to verify coverage for nutrition counseling.  Your plan may require you to have a Medical Letter of Necessity for reimbursement.

Insurance: I do not accept insurance at this time. I can provide a receipt (superbill) for you that you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.  Best used for those who've met their deductible or their insurance allows out-of-network billing.

Functional Nutrition Testing

I offer a variety of functional and standard testing.  Testing can be expensive and not all tests are covered by insurance.  

I take an approach to testing with caution.  I won't advise a client on a test if I don't think they need the test.  I wouldn't want to spend unnecessary money and I assume my clients wouldn't either.