June 7


A new Fun Fact About Catnip

By Sunny Brigham, MS, CNS, LDN

June 7, 2021

Did you know that you CAN consume catnip?

Who knew! Did you know catnip can be consumed by people?

Look…I’m a BIG proponent of continually learning. I had someone inside my Facebook group – Reversing Hashimoto’s w/ Nutrition – ask me this a few weeks back.

Is it okay to consume catnip with Hashimoto’s?

Never have I ever thought of consuming catnip. I just thought it was for cats! Well…that was a dense moment for me because you CAN consume catnip.

I know I keep using all caps but listen…I. Am. Floored!

When I saw this question, I immediately jumped into the research to see what the studies say. Because, first and foremost, I want to make sure that it’s safe for human consumption.

And here’s what I learned:

  • Catnip is a part of the min family…yeah…like the mint you put in a mojito!
  • It’s been used for a looooooong time
  • Native Americans use it for digestion

There are several more uses for catnip by humans. You can watch the video below to get the full scoop.

But…is it safe for human consumption? So…the research is out on this. There just isn’t enough information to know whether there are any adverse effects. I think more people need to start drinking it so they’ll do more studies!

Just kidding…don’t run out and get it if you don’t want it or need it. Or feel safe consuming it.

But the question of the hour is whether or not it’s safe for those with Hashimoto’s?

If you hit play on the video below, you’ll find out all the ways you can use catnip and whether it’s safe for you to consume!

Interesting, right? Like I said, limited research but it could be beneficial when you’re stressed to the hilt or in a ton of pain.

But go slow because we don’t know if there are any long-term implications with catnip consumption.

Tell me…do you think you’re going to give it a go? Because I’m super intrigued! Want to do it together?

  • Funny that, I used to subscribe to ‘cat lady box’ and one month they sent me catnip tea bags. I wasn’t sure if I was meant to make it for myself or for my cats, so I brewed some, tried it, then let my cats have a go. They were all in. I personally wasn’t left rolling round on the floor all blissfully happy after my cup.
    My cats have already warned me that their meowijuana is not for sharing, so I guess I’ll just be drinking my regular old tea instead

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