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Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist

Hey there! I'm Sunny. I love popcorn, cupcakes, and glitter...often at the same time!

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I believe in eating foods that fuel the body but I also believe variety is the spice of life. I like to indulge just like you! Restriction is not my thang...unless it has to be. And...moderation is key in all things...including food.  This means that I won't be asking you to track calories or macros - don't worry - all your goals can be reached without getting into this cycle of diet after diet. I promise!

I’m a mom, a wife, a retired veteran, and someone who knows all too well the struggle to feel better. I have a sweet tooth too - umm cupcakes! And a bag o'tricks to kick it's butt...I'll share those with you!  

I've also struggled with low energy, digestive issues, and weight. I've been on every diet out there -

  • Weight Watchers
  • NutriSystem
  • Atkin's
  • Low Carb
  • No white foods
  • The Cabbage Soup Diet
  • The milk/banana diet
  • The hot dog diet (not kidding!)

I struggled with sleeping more than 4-5 hours each night. I'd nod off in the afternoon at work and I'd kill for a nap when I got home. 

I know how defeating it can be. And how annoying it is to try diet after diet with no progress. Feeling like you have no control over your weight is disheartening, to say the least. It's also insanely frustrating! And the research (and opinions from friends/family) never ends!

It can feel defeating to not be heard!

So here it is...

I don't have all the answers. But I will always listen and help in any way I can.  I’m quiet, slightly shy, and introverted. While some see those traits as faults, I see them as a bonus to you. I’m not going to talk over you. I listen intently and put you and your health first. I work like a horse for my clients!

I'll help you reach your goals...what ever they may be. I strive for you to leave my office happy, knowing we’ve designed a plan of attack to best get you motivated, energized, and on the right path for you.

I'm here for you!

I've helped many women (and some men!) repair their digestion, eliminate annoying symptoms, and lose weight by repairing their relationship with food and teaching them how to eat for their bodies. You can be one of them too!

So, let's get you feeling great and losing weight!  

Click below to book a free 20-minute phone call to chat about your concerns and goals.  

I'm looking forward to chatting with you!


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Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist - FL #10467

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Masters of Science in Human Clinical Nutrition 


ServSafe Manager Certificate - Valid through December 2021