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Amy Vespa Nutrition
amy vespa

Master's Clinical & Integrative Nutrition

Kamila Veljkovic
Kamila Veljkovic

Master's Clinical & Integrative Nutrition

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Integrative Clinical Nutritionist & Health Coach


Hi! I'm Amy!  A chocolate and pineapple-loving nutritionist and mom, always searching for fun muffin recipes!

I am focused on helping you enjoy your life by helping you strengthen your body in a way that is nourishing, balanced and sustainable for you. There is a reason for everything you are feeling and together we will discover the roots so you can completely rebalance your body for the long term. 

Struggling with digestion, hormonal, weight, or mental health issues is so hard. I know because I was there. Nutrition is what turned everything around for me. Giving my body what it needed – through the right foods and supplements – gave me the energy and mental clarity I needed to start making more positive changes. 

I want to help you feel great too! We will work together to find simple, tailored changes that can make a huge difference in your life. And don’t worry, I believe in enjoying food - it’s a huge part of our lives! - so I don’t recommend eliminating foods unless it’s definitely necessary. Whatever your health goals are, I want to help you achieve them in a way that’s motivating and best for you!

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I'm looking forward to learning more about you and how I can help you in your healing journey!


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Integrative Nutritionist & Holistic Health Coach

Women's Health Expert

Boonton, NJ


Hi! I'm Kamila!  I feel most alive when I am in the great outdoors camping and exploring with my family or near the ocean

In 2011, I discovered my passion for Nutrition after digging deeper for answers to my own health challenges after conventional methods failed me.I went on to complete my Certificate in Holistic Health Coaching followed by my Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition in 2016 and have been in both private practice and clinical consulting ever since, working with women to get to the root cause of their health ailments.I live in Boonton, NJ with my husband and three children. When I'm not working with clients, I enjoy exploring the outdoors with my family, gardening and experimenting in the kitchen.

Click below to book a free 20-minute phone call to chat about your concerns and goals.  

I'm looking forward to assisting you in your journey!


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