The Nutrition Collective

Taking the late nights and guesswork out of building your nutrition practice.

When you dreamed of becoming a nutritionist, you probably dreamt of helping individuals regain their health and vitality.  Or maybe you dreamed of one day becoming a coveted expert in the field.

The dream likely included making your own schedule and having the freedom to sleep in!  Or maybe it was just being your own boss.

Your training taught you empathy, goal setting, behavior change, how to read labs, and building client protocols or interventions.  But what it didn't teach was how to build your dream practice!

So, you took a stab at it.  You bought a domain, set up shop on Facebook, and waited for the clients to roll in.


The self-doubt set in.  "How am I gonna make it?"  "How am I gonna stand out in a sea of nutritionist, dietitians, and health coaches??"  "Can I even make enough money to survive?!"

And the cost!  Where the hell am I supposed to spend my money to see an actual return on that investment?  There's so many programs, products, courses, experts, blah blah blah...

Starting a business is hard.

Can you imagine having complete control over your own schedule, routine, and life?  No longer answering to someone else but finally building your own career.

What about knowing exactly where to invest your time and money so your practice grows?

Here at The Nutrition Collective, I help you gain direction, clarity, and confidence to build your practice from the ground up.  

I am your accountability partner.  I believe in what you do!  I believe in you!


Ditch the detours and find out exactly what road you need to be on as your build out your private practice.  


Gain clarity surrounding the customers your serve and learn how to talk directly to them.


Change your mindset and build your confidence so you can book more clients.  


New Content Weekly

Each week we'll explore a new topic that will directly impact how you do business. You'll have the tools you need to put these tactics in place so your business can soar.  


Honest & Direct Feedback

You'll get direct feedback surrounding your practice plan and business ideas.  You'll gain direction and clarity on where to spend your time, money, & energy...and where you can cut corners.


Support & Guidance

You'll never be alone.  The Nutrition Collective will be there to support you every step of the way.  To vent.  To cheer you on.  To hold you up. To be honest.  To be frank.  And to help you become an entrepreneur.  


There'll be a revolving door of material.  No topic is too big or too small. Each week will bring new ideas, thoughts, and action plans for you to implement into your practice.  

You'll have everything you need to finally quit the second job and focus solely on your new career.   

You have the tools to be a successful practitioner.  Gain the tools to be a successful entrepreneur.  

  • Learn exactly who you're serving and how to talk directly to them
  • Optimize your time by taking the fright out of the tech & building a schedule you can stick to
  • Discover how to gain more clients & get them booked for service
  • Get consistent in what you're doing (no more throwing things at the wall to see what sticks!)

The membership fee is $49.00/Month!

That's it!

You get access to everything in The Nutrition Collective including unlimited support and collaboration with other business owners.

You invested in yourself by expanding your knowledge and education through your nutrition training.  

Now it's time to invest in your business!

Still unsure if this is for you?  Here's a short snippet of my ICA exercise.  If you don't have an ICA or know what one is, it's the perfect starting place for you!  Have a watch.

There's more training and tips just like the ICA exercise in the membership site.  Will you be joining us?

Join The Nutrition Collective

The Nutrition Collective is a monthly membership of revolving business building information.  You can join for only a month or you can join for the lifetime of the program.  

Meet Sunny Brigham, MS, CNS

Hey guys!  I'm Sunny.  You may have seen me around or you may be meeting me for the first time.  Either way..."Hello!"

I'm a Board-Certified Clinical & Integrative Nutritionist. When I went to school, I knew I wanted to be in private practice.  What I didn't know is that it's a lot of frickin' work!  I spent many nights spinning my wheels just trying to wrap my head around a piece of tech.

I thought I was never gonna grow.  I resigned to work for someone else.  I started looking for jobs. I was pissed and I felt defeated.  I felt left in the dust by all the practitioners with thriving practices.  

But something happened.  I got serious.  I meant business.  I was NOT working for someone else.  I created a very clear path for myself and I stuck with it.  I found creative ways around roadblocks. And I grew!

Today, I have a thriving practice and I want to share what I've learned with you.  So you don't have to struggle like I did.

I hope to see you in the membership site!


Sunny Brigham, MS, CNS

REFUND POLICY: All sales are final.  If you would like to opt out of your membership, you can do so at any time.  If you opt out mid-month, you will continue to have access to the site for the remainder of the month you've paid for.


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