Make fatigue, bloat,

& weight gain

a thing of the past

Clinical nutrition to reverse Hashimoto's, strengthen digestion, increase energy, and get you ready to tackle life! 

Not feeling like YOU anymore?

It feels lonely when you don't feel good. People around you don't understand how tired you feel. Or how frustrated you are.

  • Random or endless bloat
  • Fatigue that zaps your motivation
  • Inability to lose weight or recent weight gain
  • Brain fog that affects your day-to-day thinking
  •  Joint pain or muscle pain that limits movement and keeps you up at night
  • Diagnosed with hypothyroid or Hashimoto's
  • You feel like you don't have control of your body. Nothing is working and things just keep getting worse!

    It's time to figure this out and start feeling good again

    How we help

    Personalized nutrition

    Let's get you feeling great with the food you're eating. Meet with one of us 1-1 for a personalized approach to helping you feel better.

    Meal plans

    Simplify your food with done-for-you meal plans to keep you on track to feeling better.

    Self-paced course

    Our signature Reversing Hashimoto's with Nutrition course is self-paced with the option for personalized group meetings.

    Get our Frozen to Fabulous guide

    Our Frozen to Fabulous free guide will simplify nightly dinners by using your freezer. Plus get 6 delicious recipes that you'll want to make over and over! Sign up to get the guide right away.

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    Your Nutritionists

    Hello! We are Kamila and Amy, Integrative Nutritionists specializing in a myriad women's health issues . We will never sell you on a fad diet, instead we use functional medicine and a whole foods culinary approach to design individualized plans to help you build life long, healthy habits and get to the root cause of your ailments.

    Kamila Veljkovic

    Kamila Veljkovic, MS

    Clinical Nutritionist

    Amy Vespa Nutrition

    Amy Vespa, MS 

    Clinical Nutritionist

    We want to help you enjoy life again

    We offer several ways to get you on track:

    Facebook group

    Join a community of 3000+ women who understand what you're going through. Ask questions, get encouragement. Join here.

    1-to-1 Consultations 

    Personalized health and wellness plan created just for you. We'll deep dive into your health history to determine what we can do from a nutritional stand-point to get you feeling your best! Learn more.


    Our memberships take the stress out of reaching your goals.Make eating and food enjoyable again! Get the details here!

     Sick of feeling blah? Join us here. We'll help you feel better soon. Sign up to receive your FREE Frozen to Fabulous guide! 

    The Team

    Amy Vespa, MS

    Kamila Veljkovic, MS

    Address: Northern NJ


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