Make fatigue, bloat, and weight gain a thing of the past!

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Ditch the Hashimoto's symptoms with the Hashimoto's Jumpstart program. A program to teach you why you have the symptoms you do and how to Jumpstart your journey to remission without overly restricting foods or turning your life upside down!

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It feels lonely when you don't feel good. People around you don't understand how tired you feel. Or how frustrated you are.

You don't feel like YOU anymore.

Hashimotos Disease Diet

Poor digestion is common in women with Hashimoto's. And creates many symptoms we don't associate with digestion. Like...

  • Random or endless bloat
  • Fatigue that zaps your motivation
  • Inability to lose weight or recent weight gain
  • Brain fog that affects your day-to-day thinking
  •  Joint pain or muscle pain that limits movement and keeps you up at night
  • Diagnosed with hypothyroid or Hashimoto's

You feel like you don't have control of your body! Nothing is working and things just keep getting worse!

Lost weight that I hadn't been able to lose for 10 years!


Former client

I worked with Complete Health, primarily to lose weight and to learn how to eat healthy, lead a healthy lifestyle as a working, busy mom. I am a vegetarian and was struggling with weight loss and few other health issues for over 10 years. After working with Sunny not only was I able to lose a healthy amount of weight, that i had never lost in over 10 years, but also learnt how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is extremely patient and works through your lifestyle challenges to help you achieve your goals. I highly recommend her to anyone who has perhaps not been successful at weight loss and wishes to learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating the right way! 

Let's get off this merry-go-round!

You'll be feeling better and hitting your goals in no time!

Buy using...

  • An individualized nutrition approach - why would you buy one size fits all clothes when you can get the exact size you need? Nutrition is the same way!
  • Targeted supplements to heal your body from the inside out
  • Tools to alter your relationship with food so you don't have to count calories

Hi There! I'm Sunny...

Sunny Brigham

Board-Certified Clinical & Integrative Nutritionist & Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist

When I was in the third grade, one of my journal entries read, "When I grow up, I want to become president so I can help all the sick people." This is my way of living that dream! I may not be president, but I only want to help others feel great! I believe we are all individuals. And nutrition should be individualized too! We're not one size fits all and our food shouldn't be either.

I'm here to help you succeed in your health journey! 

Nutritionist. Mother. Wife. Mentor.

Amy Vespa

Integrative Clinical Nutritionist

Your body is how we experience life. My goal is to help you strengthen your body in a way that is nourishing, balanced and sustainable for you. There is a reason for everything you are feeling and together we will discover the roots so you can completely rebalance your body for the long term. 

Nutritionist. Mother. Advocate. 

Patient and truly cares!

Cheryl J.

Former client

My first visit with Sunny was very personal and attentive. She really asked me the right questions to modify a plan for me in regards to my lifestyle changes. She came up with a specific plan to assist with my schedule, sleeping patterns, and eating habits. She incorporates your health history and any medications you may be on to really come up with a plan that will help you. She is patient and truly cares about what she does. 


20-Minute Strategy Call

A 20-minute phone consultation where we chat about your greatest symptoms or concerns as it relates to your health. We'll talk about what might be going on!

Price: FREE

Initial Nutrition Consultation

A 90-minute consultation where we take a deep dive into your health history to determine what we can do from a nutritional stand-point to get you feeling your best!

Price: Varies by Nutritionist

Follow Up Consultations

You will need follow up consultations. Repairing your body takes time. You didn't get sick overnight and you aren't going to get well overnight. Click below to see your options. 

Price: Varies by Plan & Nutritionist

We offer MRT Food Sensitivity Testing. You can read more about it on our services page!

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